Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unlucky Luke

This week has been a fairly quiet one on the cake front with only a last minute order for 50 Star Wars toppers and two Luke Skywalker figures to be sent to Johannesburg. I have never had to send anything to any other city in SA so my nerves were shattered, especially with the way our postal service operates here! The parcel was packed with loads of batting and bubblewrap, and boxes within boxes within more boxes!! My darling brother works at a freight company at  CT International airport and told me that the courier crew have no regard for whether a parcel is decorated with big red fragile stickers or not, all the parcels are chucked around!! My client mailed me this morning to say the parcel had arrived but sadly one of the two Luke Skywalker figures had a cracked cape but it was not too serious! So, I suppose one out of 52 damaged is not too bad!!

Today is 40+ degrees celsius and having to bake this morning was no fun at all. Tomorrow I have an old fashioned recored player cake for a 40th. Today is one of those days I wish I worked in an airconditioned office!! Back to the grindstone to wilt now!

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