Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rather late than never!

Ok, so no matter what I do I cannot get Minnie Mouse the right way up!!

Baptism cake for April

A replica in fondant of Carla's favourite doggy toy on the cake


Arty party cake

Pocahontas cuppies

Easter cake

Karaoke party cake

Wedding cake

Dora the Explorer - toys supplied by the mom

How to Train your Dragon

Wedding cake and mini cakes. All fudgy chocolate with the centres filled with chocolate ganache. Oh my hat, this was a ton of work! We had to make 100 small square cakes - and aside from the baking time, it took 22 hours to cut, ganache and cover and then another 3 hours to wrap ribbon, pipe 1200 royal icing lines, 800 dots and make 200 white hearts! My only dislike are the flowers. Normally i would arrange the flowers myself but I turned my back for a second and the wedding planner was plunging flowers into the cake! They look like a missile has just landed on the cake but the damage was done and I could not undo what had been done.

Now this cake also has a story. The mom originally bought rocket ship accessories for the party but the party was moved to a farm so we had to combine the two themes - So I had a rocket ship land in the field next to the sheep!

Yip, you are seeing 4 cakes all for the same day! I loathe doing Thomas the Tank Engine and as Murphy's law would have it I had two for the same day!

Upsy Daisy

"Regular" Thomas

"Pirate" themed Thomas

Anniversary cake

Handmade fondant roses
Where has the time gone? I am so busy with cakes and graphic design deadlines that I just don't find the time to sit down long enough to write a decent entry. So this time around i will just be posting pics of all the cakes since the last time I checked in here. Today is another busy one and we are going to be at the Elkanah market again this Saturday and I must say that I really look forward to that. Even though it is a ton of work I enjoy the social aspect of it more than enything else. So, if my friend from NZ checks in here, Ant these pics are for you.