Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rather late than never!

Ok, so no matter what I do I cannot get Minnie Mouse the right way up!!

Baptism cake for April

A replica in fondant of Carla's favourite doggy toy on the cake


Arty party cake

Pocahontas cuppies

Easter cake

Karaoke party cake

Wedding cake

Dora the Explorer - toys supplied by the mom

How to Train your Dragon

Wedding cake and mini cakes. All fudgy chocolate with the centres filled with chocolate ganache. Oh my hat, this was a ton of work! We had to make 100 small square cakes - and aside from the baking time, it took 22 hours to cut, ganache and cover and then another 3 hours to wrap ribbon, pipe 1200 royal icing lines, 800 dots and make 200 white hearts! My only dislike are the flowers. Normally i would arrange the flowers myself but I turned my back for a second and the wedding planner was plunging flowers into the cake! They look like a missile has just landed on the cake but the damage was done and I could not undo what had been done.

Now this cake also has a story. The mom originally bought rocket ship accessories for the party but the party was moved to a farm so we had to combine the two themes - So I had a rocket ship land in the field next to the sheep!

Yip, you are seeing 4 cakes all for the same day! I loathe doing Thomas the Tank Engine and as Murphy's law would have it I had two for the same day!

Upsy Daisy

"Regular" Thomas

"Pirate" themed Thomas

Anniversary cake

Handmade fondant roses
Where has the time gone? I am so busy with cakes and graphic design deadlines that I just don't find the time to sit down long enough to write a decent entry. So this time around i will just be posting pics of all the cakes since the last time I checked in here. Today is another busy one and we are going to be at the Elkanah market again this Saturday and I must say that I really look forward to that. Even though it is a ton of work I enjoy the social aspect of it more than enything else. So, if my friend from NZ checks in here, Ant these pics are for you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Tangled" tower cake for Logan

Make-up bag for Julia

Hello Kitty for Isabella

All the cakes last week for 5 year old little girls! It has never happened before that I would have three cakes for the same day, all for girls, all turning 5!!!

This cake was "designed by Sao's grandchildren for her birthday and I was given very strict instructions that it had to have fairies, butterflies and toadstools on it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mermaid and Pirate cake

Tractor cake for a little boy who is crazy about tractors. This cake was travelling with the granny and grandpa all the way to Swellendam

Hawaiian styled cake

Cuppies to go with the Mermaid and Pirate cake

Cuppies to go with the 18th birthday cake

And here I was thinking the week would be a quiet one...not! As you can see it has been a busy cake one again and the heat in Cape Town has not been my friend this past week. Today is another cooker with the temp averaging 40 celsius and not having an aircon is not conducive to any form of baking!! Anyway, this entry is going to be short and sweet, my study feels 10 degrees hotter than the rest of  the house.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This has been a crazy two weeks! I had the
Elkanah Market, which was only three days notice, a Horses in the Stable cake, 6 quiches, 3 different cupcake  orders, a last minute order for cuppies for the next day, a cheesecake and a chocolate mousse cake all for the Saturday and on the Sunday it was my eldest son's 13th birthday!! These cute cuppies were for a 15th birthday party.

Another Thomas the Tank Engine cake for Tristan who had a Thomas last year as well!

Horses in the Stable  with the matching cuppies.
Barbie Three Muskateers cake - all fudgy chocolate. The design is not mine - I had a pic sent to me and I had to replicate it for little Katie.
Mr Men cake - another one where the pic was supplied by the mom and I had to replicate it. I was in a bit of a quandry as to how I was going to make the big orange dude on the top. I decided to make some Rice Crispy treats and modelled it by hand and then covered it in two layers of fondant.
Our table at the Elkanah Schoolyard market.

The centre piece for the table which could have been sold 4 times over!

My youngest son Ryan (11), Shaun (my now 13 year old!), myself and my incredible Mom, Christina.

Myself and the birthday boy. We spent a wonderful day having a picnic at the Breede River and swimming and just chilling.
True to form with my boys - they brought their books and the chess set along!
Now, it's another crazy cake week to look forward to and lots of prep work to do. I also need to find time to squeeze in my graphic design work before I end up with twitchy clients so I think I will be spending the better part of this weekend catching up on design work. Till next week then!