Thursday, January 27, 2011

Typo gremlin

Me dear friend Nicky from Unique Giftz (check out her link under Links I'm Loving) sent me a "good morning" mail and let me know that I had the typo gremling last night when I was doing my latest post. Clearly I was overtired, overworked and underpaid as I read that insert three times and missed the mistakes!! Maybe I should have  competition going to "spot the typo" or maybe I should not be blogging close to midnight.

Today is another busy one with cakes to bake, a website to design, a mailer banner to conjure up, quotes to send out, washing to do and that's only this morning!!


  1. Honeybun, u r the busiest lil bee I know!! This btw is my first ever comment on my first ever blogspot, u will probably b the only one I ever visit, so feel special, cos u r!!

  2. Thanks my friend! The bug may just bite you too and maybe you will get a blog up and running!!!


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