Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy cake Friday

Shaun started high school on Wednesday and Ryan was still home and bored mindless without his brother. Thank heavens he went back to school today and we can start settling into a routine again.

As always, Friday was a little crazy with cake orders. I had an order for two ballet themed cakes for twin girls on Friday, a cake for a "gentleman" who goes by the name of Miss Rose (I suppose I need say no more!) and this cake had to be bright pink and black and have a black stiletto on the top and last but not least I had babyshower cuppies.

The ballet shoes were quite a challenge to make as I did not have a shoe former so I had to prop the toe piece up with cottonwool and attaching the front of the shoe to the sole was a minor nightmare but it all worked out in the end. I made Mexican paste which is far more elastic than fondant which was the best choice.

This week I need to focus on getting some quotes out and tackling my growing list of graphic design jobs that were neglected last week. So that said, let me get cracking on that "to do" list!!

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